Sunday, 27 October 2013

Silence Please

Shh, I'm proof reading my assignment ready to submit. I look very serious don't I?

I've written all three parts of the assignment, and added a bearbliography, I just about remembered how to do that as it's been a while since my last student adventure. Still, it's all done now and I'm thinking I ought to get it submitted, just incase we get the predicted storm and all the power flies away in the wind. As we live in the deep dark back of beyond it would probably take longer to get back online for us if there was an outage. You can tell I was a bear scout in my cubhood, always prepared, that's me.

Keep your paws crossed for good feedback from my tutor. I may not know the outcome for a fortnight or more as yet, I'll have chewed my claws to the quick by then, gnash gnash!!

With love from Wilbear.

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